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News Journal Article : Former Resident Remember Life in The Flats

Woodlawn Flats may have been modest, but to those who grew up in the neighborhood of affordable housing units on the west side of Wilmington, it is rich in memories.

When Woodlawn Trustees began a seven- to 10-year redevelopment project in May, several former residents requested bricks, light fixtures or other items they could have as mementos.

For the residents, the bricks represented the nights spent on the front porch, the days spent outside playing with other children, and a sense of community that is difficult to find today.

The entire project is expected to cost more than 0 million and will involve the demolition and reconstruction of all 430 units. The first phase is underway, redeveloping 72 units and costing around .5 million. Residents who lived in the affected units have been moved to vacant homes in the development.

The neighborhood sits between North Union Street and Woodlawn Park, stretching between 4th and 9th streets. The houses line the street in neat rows, each with a front porch and front and backyards. Now, graffiti marks the sides of buildings while the sounds of construction reverberate through the area.

The Flats development began in 1902 to provide housing for workers. Over 10 years, 20 rows of houses were built to accommodate 390 families. Moderate rental rates and the idea of a neighborhood full of rent-based housing made it unusual at the time.

Residents who grew up in the Flats over 50 years ago said the neighborhood had a feel that is unheard of today. Days were spent outside around others. Everybody knew everybody, and they had everything they needed.

Woodlawn Trustees began as the Woodlawn Company after William Poole Bancroft established the group in 1901. Bancroft appointed the company to ensure his contributions, namely parklands, were preserved after his lifetime. In 2012, Woodlawn Trustees donated 1,100 acres of the Brandywine Valley, which became part of the First State National Monument in 2013.

The improved Flats will hold 450 units. It’s going to be different, Woodlawn Trustees CEO Rod Lambert said, but they are trying to preserve the spirit of the old neighborhood.

“We wanted to keep the same feel and flavor and character of the community,

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Wilmington University Plans New Campus

Wilmington University, a private career-oriented institution in New Castle, is embarking on the largest capital improvement program in its 46-year history with the purchase of 41 acres of undeveloped land on U.S. 202 and Beaver Valley Road in Brandywine Hundred.

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A Teardown Builds up a Delaware Housing Development

At the start of the 20th century, a Quaker cotton mill owner established the affordable-housing community the Flats on the west side of this city. Its goal was to provide decent housing. And at the time, it distinguished itself by providing central heating and indoor plumbing.

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LIHTC Announcement: “The Flats

The Todmorden Foundation, Inc. President Rodney A. Lambert announced today the affordable housing provider was awarded $ 1,032,705 in annual Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) funding and $ 2,560,000 in Housing Development Fund (HDF) funding from the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) for the Phase 1 redevelopment effort of The Flats, located in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware.

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Concord Township: The Facts

Woodlawn Trustees' commitment to open space is long-standing, and is always a part of projects we are involved with. In response to questions from local residents, we are happy to present this infographic and map detailing the plan for preserved trails and open space paired with responsible development of the Woodlawn Tract in Concord Township. Click "Read More" to view on our site, or download the file.

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400th National Park

National Geographic recently published an article about the United States' 400th Unit of the National Park Service, which includes 1100 acres of countryside that was donated by the Woodlawn Trustees.

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After Demolition, a Neighborhood Reborn

"The development plan would remake a slice of Wilmington and preserve for another century neighborhood founder William Bancroft's vision..."

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New National Monument for the First State

Director of the Delaware chapter of The Nature Conservancy tells the story of how the Woodlawn property became America's 400th National Park.

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First State National Monument Guide

The National Park Services' guide to First State National Monument tells the story of William Bancroft and the lands he preserved for future generations.

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Big Step Closer to a Park

Drawing on a seldom-noticed executive authority, President Barack Obama will declare a three-part national monument in Delaware, a first for the state and a move that some officials describe as a step closer to creation of a fullfledged national park.

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By Jeff Montgomery and Melissa Nann Burke - The News Journal

Drawing on a seldom-noticed executive authority, President Barack Obama will declare a three-part national monument in Delaware, a first for the state and a move that some officials describe as a step closer to creation of a fullfledged national park. Obama’s action under the Antiquities Act, expected Monday, will designate the grassy area of the The Green in Dover, the New Castle Court complex and the 1,100-acre Woodlawn property adjacent to and north of Brandywine Creek State Park as a unified symbol of the state’s colonial heritage and its role in the nation’s founding under the Constitution.

National Park Service employees will manage all three sites, which will take in the New Castle Green and Old Sheriff’s House as well as the Courthouse.

The monument will be the state’s “first national park

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